Caleb Paul

Tennis Club Auckland

Caleb Paul

Senior Coach

My love for tennis started from the young age of 6 years old. I trained in Auckland and in Queensland, Australia where I had the opportunity to go to a tennis academy school, Sunshine Coast Grammar. From here I started competing in interclub and tournaments.

I started coaching at age 15 and have managed to work with many different coaches including some who proved to be great mentors. During this time, I graduated with a degree in Applied Mathematics and Astronomy at AUT University. I moved to Christchurch where I coached at Hagley Park for a year and did an online life coaching course with Mindvalley University.

When I was 20 years old I encountered a significant personal loss and my love for tennis showed when I used it to overcome this challenge and enjoy life better than ever. Using my scientific and problem-solving skills in neuroscience and psychology I am trying to decode performance and learning speeds something key in tennis. I want to pass on my love and knowledge for tennis to develop lifelong skills in kids and adults.

So, let us get off the screens and onto the court!