Julia Newton


Head Coach

Hi Everyone!

My name is Julia Newton and I first picked up a tennis racket when I was 2 years old, and I’ve been in love with the game ever since.

As a junior in the UK, I played competitively all over the country, was ranked no.1 in my county for 2 years and was the 1st player in my club’s history to win back to back singles titles.

As a teen, I spent time training at the Nick Bollittieri Academy and Saddlebrook Tennis Resort, both in Florida. I even had the privilege of training with a young Taylor Dent, who currently holds the record for the fastest serve at Wimbledon!

I’m a qualified LTA Level 3 Accreditation+ Tennis Coach, and have been working as a coach since April 2017. During that time, I’ve worked with the WJTI (Wimbledon Junior Tennis Initiative), trained in and delivered Tennis For Kids courses, worked with Judy Murray and her Miss-Fits programme, and was based at the Surbiton & Racket Fitness Club in Surrey. I taught kids & adult group sessions, individuals and team training sessions. I was the Disability Tennis Programme Co-ordinator, creating sessions in SNES schools and at the club, for both kids and adults. I also coached wheelchair tennis sessions at the National Tennis Centre, which included the current GB no.1 junior.

I have experience dealing with injuries, the challenges you can face when returning to tennis, and how to adapt your game if necessary. A quick tip for anyone trying to stay injury free: STRETCH! Every day is best, but especially before AND after you play!

I was so fortunate to have such an incredibly passionate and engaging coach growing up, and his enthusiasm for learning & improving is what I base my coaching style and philosophy on. His mantra was ‘don’t come to practice to practice what you already know; come to learn something you don’t’ – I use this with all my players, no matter what age, level or ability, to help them get the most out of their time on court. Tennis is and should always been fun – it’s a game after all!

I look forward to meeting you all and seeing you out on the court soon!