Molly O’Leary

Molly O'Leary

Molly O'Leary

Assistant Coach

I’m 15 years old and tennis has been one of my favourite things since I picked up a racquet at age 5. It was ideal having courts so close to home and my mum is also a keen player so it was just perfect! Being part of a club is being part of a special community and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed growing up in it. Ever since I was little I liked to be able to tell people, “I play tennis!”, and now it’s even better that I can say that I’m also an assistant coach. I started assistant coaching when I was 13 and volunteer weekly at Orakei ‘Club Nights’. It’s a great experience to get to know the kids that I will also help coach in the week.

Since I also have an interest in teaching after university, I love coaching because it’s a great way to see the different ways little kids learn and understand things for themselves.. It’s incredibly rewarding to witness those little light bulb moments and know that I’ve been a part of it. Looking forward to seeing you on court!