Peter Bulog

Peter Bulog

Senior Professional Tennis Coach

As a junior I really enjoyed my tennis; playing through both club and school competitions. I began coaching tennis part time in 2013. In 2014 I completed my Assistant Junior Coaching Qualification and then went ahead and completed my Junior Development Coaching qualification in June 2016.

In my previous role as a Club Coach I have run the National Programmes which are Hot Shots, Tennis Xpress and Cardio Tennis. I have also delivered many coaching classes in schools since 2017 and worked to create opportunities for students that are interested in continuing with their tennis to have a pathway to club tennis.  I also spent over two years as an assistant coach working with a group of juniors in the Tennis Auckland Tennis Academy Coaching program. I had the opportunity to work with a junior squad and alongside very experienced coaches.

I have a great passion for this sport. As a coach I believe I have strong communication skills and the ability to build relationships. I think that this is hugely important in my role as a coach. I also really value the opportunity to learn from other coaches and share ideas. It has been great to have the opportunity to join Kiwi Tennis and I am looking forward to working alongside the team and the clubs we work with going forward.