Raphael Cho

Raphael Cho

Senior Coach

Tennis has been the sport that I cherish the most throughout my life.

I grew up on the North Shore, Auckland, learning tennis at a young age as my first serious sport.

Starting at the Forest Hill Tennis Club, then developing at Campbells Bay Tennis Club – I maintained a competitive drive to pursue the game at its highest level throughout my junior years. Representing both North Shore and Auckland Central clubs, my love for the game drove me into all facets of national-level competition. I represented Westlake Boys High School in the premier tennis team. Whilst competing, I was offered an Assistant Coaching position at Campbells Bay Tennis Club for 3 years.

I made the hard decision to leave to Melbourne, VIC, Australia in 2012 to pursue my studies at the University of Melbourne for a Bachelor of Commerce – and throughout my studies, continued playing and coaching tennis part-time for the University Club. This allowed me to engage and further develop my love for coaching and playing, as I took on a broader range of students.

Coaching clinics at both Tennis Northern and Melbourne Tennis Park furthered my knowledge in developing as a very capable coach.

I returned back home to NZ in July 2020, due to the current pandemic in Melbourne, and considered a role with Kiwi Tennis an excellent opportunity to transition back into life back in NZ and really find my love for coaching tennis where I grew up again.

I am a NZ born Korean – fluent in Korean and well accustomed to the culture and popularity of tennis for the community in Auckland. I would love to develop and engage myself within this community in the coming future.