With NZ’s first padel coach at Riverside Sports we have something on offer for everyone interested in this great new sport.


Private padel lessons are a great way to learn the sport, or focus on specific technical aspects of your game. You’ll improve faster and more effectively.


Group privates are for more than one person wanting a private lesson with a coach. We can provide group coaching for groups of up to six people.

Welcome padel to NZ!

For those who haven’t heard what all the fuss is about, padel is another easy-to-play but exciting racquet sport that is quickly gaining momentum. It’s currently the world’s fastest growing sport with 25 million players in 90 countries.  Kiwi Tennis boasts the only padel coach in the country.

We’re offering private and group lessons at Riverside Sports for players of all levels.

Private lessons start at $90 an hour including access to the court, and use of our padel racquets.  Group sessions are also available for all ages and abilities.

Please get in touch with us via email – to find out more.